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The Self{ish} Project |

The Self {ish} Project

Self{love} Self{care} Self{healing}

The Self{ish} Project

Self{love} Self{care} Self{healing}

The Self{ish} Project

Self{love} Self{care} Self{healing}

Rediscover Your{SELF}

The Self{ish} Project” focuses on cultivating deep emotional and spiritual wellness for sisters.

The emphasis is on self-love, self-care, and self-healing – helping women tap back into their needs, heal from trauma, set boundaries, lay down the superwoman cape – and learn to finally put themselves and their needs first.

Self-Care is Healthcare.

Don't Miss Out on Joining this Transformational Course and Sisterhood! This course is only held once a year and the opportunity ends Nov 18th at 11:59 EST.








Sis.. You do SO much for others. Isn't it time you finally put yourself first?

My philosophy is that it will take Muslim women who are whole, healed and spiritually connected to create thriving families, uplift the Ummah and heal the world. In the Self{ish} Project “Healing Oasis”, you’ll gain the tools, coaching, and sisterhood to emerge from your shell and become the woman you’ve always known yourself to be.



In this soulful sanctuary, you’ll be supported and guided through a journey of self-exploration and emotional cleansing in order to reconnect to your Lord, yourself, your needs, and your goals.  We’ll work together to understand the root cause of your greatest challenges, and create habits and structure that support wellness and honor you as a dynamic woman ready to live out your purpose.

25+ Souful & Interactive Multimedia Lessons

Developing Self – Love, Banishing Negative Self -Talk, Discovering Your Dreams, Setting Boundaries, Eating to Live – and SO Much More!

Deep, Introspective Workbooks, Exercises & Writing Prompts.

Embark Upon a Guided Journey as You Rediscover Yourself, & What’s Most Important to You.

An Amazing Community that Feels Like Home

Imagine a Non-Judgmental Group of Women, Who Truly “Get” You. A Sacred Sisterhood That Feels Like Finally Coming Home.

More Peace, Confidence, Balance & Happiness

This Program Nourishes You From The Inside Out – Healing You at Your Core… Lifting You to Heights Unimaginable.
As salaamu alaikum, By the permission of Allah, I had the pleasure of attending a self-healing online course facilitated by Sister Khadija Abdus Sabur. The course was AWESOME, as it allowed me to become more in tune with myself, creating “space” in my life for self-care and healing. It also helped me deal with various emotions and insecurities that I have struggled with for some time.

Sister Khadija is a great instructor/coach and made herself available for questions, 1:1 coaching and made this virtual course enjoyable, interactive and most importantly productive. I encourage anyone to make the investment in themselves and take a course with sister Khadija. Insha’Allah it will change your life! Ameera Taylor

Tired of always pouring into others, never filling your own cup?

It’s time to finally put your{SELF} first!

We’re Changing Lives, Alhamdulillah.

Low self-worth, “Superwoman Syndrome”, relationship issues, lack of boundaries, negative self-talk, emotional eating, lack of direction, chronic illness, chronic stress – we’ve seen it all, and are here to help you tap into your power to reclaim yourself… to heal, and become the woman you’ve always known you were meant to be.

Student Success Spotlight: Healing From Divorce and Finding Your Light Again


The Power of Laser Coaching & Loving Support


Reclaiming Yourself & Learning to Thrive


Healing Trauma & Reclaiming Health – Mind, Body and Spirit


Women Have Joined The Self{ish} Revolution

Conscious Muslim Women in Our Online Community

Sisters Lives We Want to Impact, in the Next 10 Years, InshaAllah.

Will you be joining us?

Continue the momentum you gained during the “Fill Your Cup First” challenge, and take your self-awareness, self-love, and transformation to a whole new level, InshaAllah!

Join the Last Class of 2019!

Meet Your Instructor

Sister Khadija Abdus Sabur is a Transformational Coach, Certified Integrative Nutritionist, Emotional Wellness Advocate, and Spiritual Health & Holistic Lifestyle Coach.
The Founder of womanbynature.com, Sister Khadija fuses spiritual principles with practical wellness tools, and has guided scores of women to improve their connection to Allah, reclaim their health, strengthen relationships, raise spiritually minded children, develop emotional wellness, reduce overwhelm – and adopt Sacred Self Care for true wellness – mind, body & spirit.

Don't Miss Out on Joining this Transformational Course and Sisterhood! The course is held only once a year, and the opportunity to join ends Nov. 18, at 11:59 EST.








8 Weeks of Learning, Sisterhood, and Support. A $2,141 Value!

 Join and get access to this life-changing program and coaching support (plus transformative bonuses) for just $697 (installments available).

The Perks of Membership:

This experience is carefully crafted to provide everything you need for profound awareness, healing, and growth.


Personal Development & Self-Love/Self-Healing Library (Value $497)

25 in-depth audio/video modules to prompt refection, exploration and healing in every area of your life. The curriculum is designed to help you unearth and polish the woman you were meant to be – the woman you CAN be, Bi’ithnillah.

2 Month Access to Your Own Transformational Coach (Value $1,200)

In this program, I join hands with you to personally guide you through this journey of self-exploration, providing support, coaching, feedback and clarity to help you heal and transform – priceless.

We’ll work together on the core modules 3 days a week in our private group, with bonus discussion sessions, live training and individual laser coaching sessions. We laugh, we cry, we become family. Have an issue or question along the way? I’m there for you.



Soulful, Deeply Reflective Journaling ($97 Value)

More than 15 deeply reflective PDF workbooks {SOUL SHEETS}, designed to get you thinking about the elements of your life in a whole new way – and discover who it is you truly have the ability to be, Bi’ithnillah.

Private online support group - priceless!

Come together with your fellow sisters in the journey and find support, connection and accountability. You are NOT alone.

* BONUS: "Fill Your Cup First" 7 Day Challenge Recordings (Value $197)

Boost your personal development library with the life-changing challenge content. 7 full length audio classes (plus videos) teaching groundbreaking concepts and encouraging you to embrace the “7 domains of self-love” for transformation in every area of life. $197.00 value. Yours to download and review whenever you need a boost of motivation (no distribution).

NEW BONUS: "Own Your Healing" Video Training Series

1. This transformative video class invites the viewer (YOU) to reclaim their power and own their ability to heal, grow, and thrive.

The series delves deep into 1. why it’s critical to remove the mask (the protective barriers you’ve placed around yourself), reclaim your voice- and commit to be responsible with it. 2. Empowers you to understand that your healing and happiness is not in anyone’s hands – it’s an inside job and 3. Supports you in understanding the three mental blocks to your growth and healing (and their subcategories), to give you the best chance of pushing past resistance on this journey. Videos are yours to download and keep (no distribution). $97.00 value.


NEW BONUS: Embrace Self-Love Transformational Video Training

Too often we SAY we want to increase in self-love and self-worth – but in actuality, our thoughts, beliefs, patterns, and behaviors are causing the exact opposite. In this content rich video class, I break down the most common barriers to self-love and empowerment.

The series covers the importance of 1. Embracing self-love, as one of the most radical things you can do 2. Letting go of internalized pain and trauma through overcoming negative self-talk 3. Letting go of trauma and anger to free your own soul,  and 4. Understanding that the Shaytan LOVES to keep you stuck due to his jealousy – but you were built to overcome, Bi’ithnillah. Videos are yours to download and keep (no distribution). $97.00 value.


Know Thyself

  • Redefining the word “selfish”
  • Your dis-ease origin story
  • The benefits of sacred self-care

Discover Your "Prescription for Healing"

  • What do you need to heal?
  • Visualizing your future reality
  • The biology of positive change

The Art of Letting Go for Ease, Healing & Happiness

  • The myth of control
  • Why we complicate things
  • Taming the over-achiever and people-pleaser

Upgrade Your Diet, Upgrade Your Life

  • You ARE what you eat
  • Clean eating & the food/mood connection
  • Conscious and elegant eating

Banishing Negative Self-Talk

  • Reprogramming your inner dialogue
  • Stop living in the past
  • You are NOT a burden

Setting Up Healing Rituals

  • A commitment to personal pampering
  • Utilizing nature therapy
  • Stress busters & relaxation techniques
  • achieving restorative sleep

Setting Boundaries & Building Support

  • Exploring vulnerability
  • Eliminating toxicity & setting boundaries
  • The psychology of “Superwoman Syndrome”

Tools to Continue Your Journey

  • Turning down the noise, and tapping into your connection to Allah
  • Intention, Apology, and Appreciation
  • Refining your vision for the future

Join the Women Who’s Lives Have Literally Been Transformed

If you’ve been searching for a deep level of happiness, self-worth and purpose – this amazing offer is for you.


Incredible Value - You ARE Worth It.

8 weeks, 25 modules, and incredible live support.


Connect to your Soul, Claim Your Truth.

Our deeply insightful and reflective lessons will make you laugh, cry – and grow.

A New YOU Awaits

Our students are amazed at the transformations they experience. Life is never the same again.

The Perfect Combination of Personal Development & Sacred Self -Care

Isn’t it Time to Finally Take Care of YOU?





Need Help?

I do hope you join us! However if you still have questions, feel free to get in touch. I’ll get back to you asap.